Drop Trips

If you like to hike but don’t want the discomfort of a heavy pack then let our horses do the work. Our drop trip services are designed for those guests who design their own itinerary, provide their own food and gear, and want to experience the Dubois wilderness in solitude.

You may ride our horses in or opt to hike into the designated area. We will meet there, unload your gear and come back to get you at a specified time and location.

We have some spectacular areas to drop you in the Washakie Wilderness or the Fitzpatrick Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest. Whether you are wanting to fish, hike, photograph, view wildlife, rock climb, summit mountains, or just relax in the peace and quiet- we can find the place for you.


$215 per horse per day.
Guides horse is also $215 per day.


  • PackString.HROur animals can carry 100-120lbs each.
  • There is a minimum cost of five horses per trip (four pack animals/riding animal plus one guide). Some exceptions may occur if we are already going to that area so please ask if you are a smaller group.
  • Two guides will be required for more than five pack/riding animals.

Please contact us or call 307 840-3579 to check availability.

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