Pack Trips

Thanks for reaching out. We transferred our permits this year and will no longer be operating summer or hunting trips. It has been an amazing 16 years and we value each and every one of you that helped us achieve this dream. What an adventure!

Washakie Wilderness pack trip (29)

For families or individuals wanting a hands-on adventurous camping experience, Bear Basin Adventures offers horse pack trips in Dubois where we will set up camp in a few different locations throughout your stay, using pack horses to transport our supplies from place to place.

We have some set itineraries available such as the “Superb Fishing in Simpson Lake”, “Dunoir Valley Ride” or the “East Fork Trip”. Alternatively, depending on availability, you can organize your own custom trip of a minimum of three people for four days where you design your own itinerary based on your desires. You can fish for a couple of days, ride for a day, explore the wildflowers while hiking a little, and just come back to the camp area for your meals. We can help you achieve your dream wilderness experience while showing you the beauty of the Shoshone National Forest.

East Fork Trip

A six-day trip into the East Fork of the Washakie Wilderness in the Shoshone National Forest is like going back in time one hundred years ago. Once you leave the trailhead in the East Fork Basin, there are no roads or fences for miles in all directions. The trail will take you up the East Fork River bordered on both sides by high and beautiful hanging valleys formed millions of years ago by glaciers.

We can ride horses to the source of the East Fork, top overpasses at 11,000 plus feet to drop into other drainages that eventually form the great Wind River which then becomes the well-known Big Horn River. Or you could go over other mountain passes into the Greybull River which is one of the major sources of the Yellowstone River. Small Mt. Cutthroat trout abound in these cold clear mountain streams which you can choose to fish or just relax by. The valleys and passes are blanketed with lovely wildflowers which equal the stars in numbers. Elk, deer, moose, sheep, and even the occasional bear can be part of the experience and can often be viewed after an early start or late in the day when the air is cool and the game feels secure.

Do More in the Dunoir!

Make the most of your short break this summer by filling it with many activities- all from one vacation spot. This trip can be done as a five or six-day adventure. The Dunoir Valley in the Shoshone National Forest, Dubois is a beautiful glaciated volcanic valley offering challenging hikes, meandering strolls, varied riding, fishing, and photography. The surrounding lakes and streams are all good for cutthroat and brook trout fishing. The open meadows offer great views among the conifer forests en route up to the open alpine areas above the tree line. It’s a wonderful area with lots of wildlife, warm sunny days with cool comfortable evenings and few people.

Fantastic Fly Fishing on Simpson Lake

Join Heath for a five or six-day trip with some fantastic fishing in the beautiful Simpson Lake area. The northern Wind River Range is fabulous country and the fly fishing in lakes is great. There will be the opportunity to fish the lake itself and other surrounding fisheries- Sandra Lake, Pinto Lake, Rim Lake, and more. The fishing is world-renowned- fly-fishing or spin-casting. Brookies, Rainbows, Cutthroat Trout, and Grayling all inhabit these healthy, pristine waters.

Women in the Wilderness: a riding, hiking, and fly fishing trip for the ladies

DSC_0304This women’s pack trip in the high country of Greater Yellowstone will take place in the beautiful Dunoir Valley, near Dubois, Wyoming. The Dunoir is a spectacular glaciated volcanic valley of high plateaus between lush open meadows. During your horseback summit of Dunoir Butte, you’ll see a wide diversity and abundance of wildflowers and wildlife, including moose, elk, mule deer, and bighorn sheep.

Please note that these dates and itineraries are flexible depending on availability and group numbers. You can add days, change dates, and even combine two itineraries if we have the dates available.

All pack trips meet the morning of day one at a designated trailhead in Dubois and return there on the final day. The trip includes delicious meals, camping supplies, tent accommodations, horses and tack, guides and an unforgettable experience in the Shoshone National Forest. Guests are asked to provide their own sleeping bag, sleeping pad/Thermarest, and fishing equipment. A detailed pack list and information sheet will be supplied upon booking.

The cost of trips is $400 per person per day, plus Wyoming State tax for lodging and meals. A 10% service charge will be added for gratuity for our hard-working team. A customary amount is 15-20% so while gratuity is at your discretion, guests are encouraged to add to this if they are impressed by the service.

Please note there is a $200 per person surcharge for meal/dietary requests.

If you are after a WY dude ranch and horse riding experience, we would happily recommend the Lazy L&B Ranch in Dubois. Please visit their Wyoming dude ranch website if you are interested.

Of all the pack trips in all the world, we picked this one and loved every minute. Spectacular county, superb horses, the guide and staff exceedingly capable and professional. We’re signing up for another one next year. Nick and Ellen, WY

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