Sheep Hunting

Sheep hunting with Bear Basin Adventures is 100% fair chase, no fences, no artificial feeding. We offer traditional western hunts on horseback. We are a general license area (area 5) operating in the mountains of northwest Wyoming in the Washakie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest. We will work hard with you to find the sheep that will make your hunting trip a memorable one.

camp schedule, although can vary, starts with a hearty breakfast and a discussion with your guide as to the day’s hunt. After breakfast, ride out in the dark to the desired hunt area, ready to dismount your horse and hunt by the morning light. We offer great hunting in close proximity to camp so on most hunts we will come back to camp for your biggest meal of the day and a nap. You will then ride back out for your evening hunt. Together, you and your guide will hunt until dark then ride back to camp for your supper and stories about the day. Certainly, things change and there may be times that you hunt all day.

Most of our sheep hunts are nine days long. We will meet the first morning and head into camp. Your first hunt will be that afternoon after lunch. The morning of the ninth day will be your last hunt (if need be) and then pack up and head out.

The terrain varies with a great mix of aspen groves, open parks and meadows and dense conifer forests with a backdrop of wide open mountain tops rising out of white bark pine breaks.

Hunt Area

The hiking can be steep and air thin so some effort to get yourself physically ready for your hunt is expected.


The camp is located on the edge of the Washakie Wilderness of the Shoshone National Forest. We are an hour and a half drive from Jackson Hole, Wyoming.
Our camp is accessible by truck so there are no restrictions on how much gear you can take. With the camp just outside of the wilderness boundary, public pressure is limited. The camp amenities include cook tent with a separate dining tent, shower, running water, and camp toilet. Wall tents with carpeted floors, sleeping cots with pads, chairs, bedside tables, and wood burning stoves, sleep two hunters per tent. This camp is our home for the summer and fall and we take pride in making it as comfortable as we can. Three hearty meals will be provided each day.


Our horses will help us get from camp to your sheep. We may ride from 40 minutes to two hours. Our horses are safe, reliable and fit. They are important hunting partners and we are thankful for their contribution to the hunt. You don’t need to be a rodeo cowboy, but the more relaxed you are on a horse the more comfortable you will be.


You will find that our prices are competitive with most other hunting outfitters, but your hunt will be second to none.

PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE PRICES DO NOT INCLUDE GRATUITIES FOR STAFF. A customary amount would be 15-20% of your hunt price, split amongst the employees but this is at your own discretion.

2023 Sheep Hunting: Dates depend on availability. Nine-day hunt

One hunter to One Guide   $11,600 per person, plus Wyoming State tax on meals and lodging.


Booking Details

We will happily provide references upon request.

A non-refundable $5,000 per person deposit is required upon booking along with a signed Hunt Reservation Form and Indemnity Release. Forms can be emailed or posted to our address with your check deposit.

Full payment is required 45 days before the departure date. An invoice can be sent if required. Payments can be made by check or direct deposit into our bank account. Please ask for our bank details. We prefer checks but if required we accept credit card details over the phone with a 2% transaction fee.

Our policy is that the trip deposits are non-refundable and due to the difficulty in re-booking, the balance is non-refundable as well if you cancel within 30 days of the hunt departure.

Vacation and trip cancellation insurance is highly recommended and available from major insurance companies.

Licensed Outfitter # 113

WOW!!! What a hunt. I know we hit the rut perfect this year and can’t expect hunting like that every time. Your camp was the best I have been in and your men are top-notch. Heath’s hunting style is the best I have seen, and his knowledge of the area is great. I hope the both of you are proud of the company you have. I hoped you enjoyed our company as much as we enjoyed yours. — Charlie, WI